Why Octetis

Why are many companies nowadays interested in offshore development? What are the strengths of Ukrainian offshore companies? Why should you prefer the Ukrainian Offshore Developers Market to others?


Inquisitive mindset

Low labor costs

Technical excellence

R&D focus

Fundamental education

Recent Works

The following section references some important projects we have done in different business areas and with different technologies,
but always with the constatly high attention to details and perfectionism


Support and maintenance of main public web portal of LeroyMerlin Ukraine


Credit Agricole Ukraine

Consulting on main IT subjects: business analysis with use cases, development, audit, migrations



Developing, testing, depoyment and maintenance of logistic-related software



iOS mobile development. Integration with custom entreprise event-bus. Functional automatic testing.


Our Services

It is by no means surprising that Offshore Development Centers (ODC) have achieved an increasing popularity. They help to solve the dilemma of the growing pressure on companies to ensure price effective management as well as improve and upgrade their IT artifacts.


Business analysis. Elaboration of formal specifications. UML diagrams.

Software development

Pragmatic technology choice to solve a business problem.

Application maintenance

Bug fixing, technology update, refresh design.

Quality assurance

Full QA cycle based on rigorous testing discpiline & culture. Maximum of automation.


We beleive that good documentation can greatly simplify the project complexity.

Project management

We know how to build the effective methodology for each customer.

Key activities

Software development

We have the extensive expertise in developing enterprise grade software - web based projects, complex integration modules with the following non-funtional requirements:

  • security
  • scalability
  • fault tolerance
  • high performance
Our engineers have the excellent fundamental education and industrial experience.

Project management

We truly believe in the following american proverb - Man is greater than the tools he invents. That said, we are still practicing/experimenting with all major iterative based methdologies.

Quality assurance - is the integrant part of our software development cycle. Our QA engineers prepare the test campaigns for each iteration. Our testing methodology is based on writing test cases, documenting and automating all repetitive activities.

Unit/integration/acceptance tests makes the ADN of our development team.
Our functional tests methodolgy is based mainly on Selenium.

We are the main maintener of open source project - Selenium auto screenshots

Our DevOps culture helps us to provide the best quality while solving operational problems of our clients.

We are working with heavyweight entreprise systems like Puppet, and lightweight agentless Ansible.

Our fully automated monitoring solutions use Sensu, Collectd, Carbone, graphite + graphana and PagerDuty.

We are active practitioners of continuous delivery approach that's why we autoamte everything while releasing a new version of software. Our common build pipeline includes the following components:
  • git SCM backed by gerrit or gitLab server to make a code review
  • Jenkins job (maven, gradle, ant, rake, bash, etc)
  • static code analysis on each commit with Sonar
  • integrated automated X-Unit tests
  • API documentation generation
  • multi technology and multi-servers deploy with capistrano

The brief introduction of our industrialization proccess is described in Octetis Industrialization principles

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